class 9 biology chapter 1 mcq online test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 1 MCQ Online Test Part 1

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Science is about observing, experimenting, and drawing logical conclusions to understand nature. In ancient times, it was just called "science." Now, it's divided into branches like biology, physics, chemistry, and math.


Biology is the study of life. It's about understanding living things, their structures, functions, and how they relate to human health, food, and the environment.

Divisions of Biology:

Zoology: Study of animals.
Botany: Study of plants.
Microbiology: Study of microorganisms like bacteria.

Branches of Biology:

Morphology: Study of form and structures.
Molecular Biology: Study of life molecules like DNA.
Anatomy: Study of internal structures.
Histology: Study of tissues.
Cell Biology: Study of cells and organelles.
Physiology: Study of functions.
Genetics: Study of inheritance.
Embryology: Study of embryo development.
Taxonomy: Study of classifying organisms.
Palaeontology: Study of fossils.
Environmental Biology: Study of interactions with the environment.
Socio-biology: Study of social animal behavior.
Parasitology: Study of parasites.
Biotechnology: Using living organisms for practical purposes.
Immunology: Study of the immune system.
Entomology: Study of insects.
Pharmacology: Study of drugs.

Relationship to Other Sciences:

Biophysics: Applying physics to biology.
Biochemistry: Studying the chemistry of life.
Biomathematics/Biometry: Using math in biology.
Biogeography: Studying species in different regions.
Bioeconomics: Evaluating organisms from an economic perspective.

Careers in Biology:

Medicine/Surgery: Diagnosing and treating diseases.
Fisheries: Managing fish production.
Agriculture: Improving food crops and animals.
Animal Husbandry: Breeding domestic animals.
Horticulture: Gardening and plant breeding.
Farming: Managing different types of farms.
Forestry: Caring for natural and artificial forests.
Biotechnology: Using microorganisms for products.

Quran and Biology:

The Quran gives hints about the origin and characteristics of living organisms, encouraging study.
It mentions the common origin of all living things in water.
It describes the development of humans and animals.
It supports modern concepts of classification.

Muslim Scientists:

Jabir Bin Hayan: Introduced experimental chemistry, wrote books on plants and animals.
Abdul Malik Asmai: Studied animals in detail and wrote books on them.
Bu Ali Sina: Founder of medicine, physician, philosopher, astronomer, and author of "Al-Qanun-fi al-Tib" (Canon of Medicine).

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