The Rising Threat of Lyme Disease Epidemic

The disease, which is called Lyme, used to be thought of as something that only occurred in some areas. However, it has spread all over the country and affected millions of people in America.

People are arguing about the illness because it is hard to find out what causes it and there are many different symptoms.

Anyone who has been bitten by an infected black-legged tick may get Lyme disease. The number of states where this infection is found has gone up every year; so now they say everyone should be careful.

All kinds of folks can catch it too – young or old, sick or well! But what causes these awful things? Well, scientists believe that bacteria called spirochetes are responsible for them but nobody knows exactly how they do what they do.

Some possible effects include joint pains alongside neurological difficulties such as memory lapses while others might suffer from heart problems instead.

Lyme disease is not easy to diagnose because of imperfect tests. Many times, standard lab exams give a false negative so people get diagnosed late or not at all.

The treatment of Lyme disease is still being debated, some people think they know the best way to go about treating this while others are saying something else entirely.